About Us

We are Serendib Technologies Asia Private Limited, strive to push the limits of what we do in business and we ensure to deliver the utmost best form to our customers though our products and services.

We pride ourselves in outstanding customer service. If you are familiar with our story, then you know that we are a company for the people, by the people. We truly believe in offering high quality products and services and operate with full transparency.

With the highest values for ethical standards and pure dedication for excellence in all operational aspects, our desire to exceed customer expectations.

we at Serendib are uncompromised in our dedication to address this integral element in all of our business Ventures.


Our major area of excellence is the International Trading, Customer service, and National Distribution channels across the country and our focus are to win all the parties who are involved in business with us.


Our group has expanded in many major areas because as a team we think out of the box and we believe optimization is the best to do always.


Enriching lives through the power of Technology Communication Services. Make the latest technology affordable and favorable to the masses. Deliver high-quality technological products under strict adherence to standards. Since 2012, we have been refining our capabilities, increasing the scale and scope of our new business ventures, and making sure to deliver the best always. Today, We can provide products and services to customers across the entire spectrum of the telecommunication and technology sector, on either a stand-alone or integrated basis, under flexible and innovative commercial models which are tailored to the customer’s needs. We are continuing to advance our ability further, and where appropriate, we will also create alliances and joint ventures to enable us to achieve our growth targets. We have a proven track record of integrating aspects of our service offering and deploying our own capital to create alignment with our customers, through tailored commercial frameworks.






Our Businesses 

Zigo Mobiles

Brand Owner and National Distributor.
Exclusive Service provider for Zigo from 2012.


Island wide Product Distribution.


Island wide Product Distribution.

Dialog Business Partner

Business partner for Dialog Franchises.
Business partner for Dialog National Sales.
Business partner for Dialog NGRS.


Authorized National Distributor.


Local Sales Agent.

Individual Work Friendly